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Tak FS-128 flourite vs triplet

Started by adamsdp, 03/21/2004 08:05AM
Posted 03/21/2004 08:05AM Opening Post

I am thinking of getting a used Tak 128 and am wondering about the flourite element. I have read references to flourite being fragile and was wondering what this means in regards to use. Do you have to be careful in that it may crack due to impact, cleaning or will it degrade over time?

I live in Michigan and like that the Tak has only 2 elements and wonder if this would be an advantage over a triplet in cool down times and thermal stability? Also, I have always wondered if there are any problems with oil spaced triplets leaking oil over time? Thanks.

Dave Adams
Posted 03/22/2004 08:39AM #1
You are not going to have to worry about the flourite in the Tak scopes being overly delicate. You are not working the glass so that is not going to be a problem. You will do just fine with either the FS-128 or TOA scope. If anything in the enviroment will degrade the optics that would be leaving your optical tube uncovered in the back seat of your car in Arizona or Texas where temps can reach up to 180 degrees. The cold is really not an issue here. Now if you were heading down to some mountain top in Antartica where temps can approach 100 Degrees below zero you might have something but here again I think you have nothing to worry about.

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