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A good design for a DIY observing chair?

Started by kendo, 03/21/2008 12:59PM
Posted 03/21/2008 12:59PM Opening Post
The previous thread got me wondering what you think is a good design.

Thanks, observers.

Posted 03/21/2008 01:03PM | Edited 03/21/2008 01:04PM #1
[COLOR="Purple"]Catseye Catsperch.
Posted 03/24/2008 11:10AM #2
Thanks gents. I like that catsperch. I might try to clone it (without using any embryonic stem cells, of course.)
Posted 03/24/2008 01:11PM #3
I made a chair similar to the Catperch except that it hinges at the top instead of the rear leg hinging in the middle. The only thing I would do different is for my set up I have some large patio bricks that I use for the leveling pad of my DOB and the outriggers on the chair sometimes make it hard to position the chair close enough. So for me it would be better to have the outriggers on the back leg.


Dave H.