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Buying Truss poles

Started by bill webster, 08/18/2006 04:57AM
Posted 08/18/2006 04:57AM Opening Post
I'm building a 20" and need to buy 8 ft poles.
Is there someplace I can order them from? Lowes Home Improvemnet sells what I want for $2.25 per ft, $18 a tube. I was just wondering if there is anyplace cheaper.

Thanks for the help,
Bill W.
Raleigh, NC
Posted 08/18/2006 05:14AM #1
Hi Bill,

Moonlite carries truss poles which they anodize. I don't think they will be cheaper than $18 a pole, though. Considering postage & handling and the logistics of shipping an 8 foot piece of tubing, a local purchase sounds better & better!

You probably won't get many responses to this query. Most folks wouldn't touch this topic with a 10 foot pole! 8)
Posted 08/18/2006 09:38AM #2
Not sure whether you have a metal sales yard there, but here we have a place that sells aluminum, stainless steel and steel including tubing. The cost is pretty good, not exactly sure on the cost though. But they have all lengths and sizes.

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Posted 08/21/2006 08:27AM #3
Thanks for all the help guys.
Texas Towers will not ship anything longer then 6'.

I found Aircraft Spruce. They have east & west coast locations. They are great to work with and had everything in stock. They shipped the same day. The price was excellent also.

Thanks again,
Bill W.