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cylindrical mirrors

Started by yahganlang, 07/17/2005 09:36PM
Posted 07/17/2005 09:36PM Opening Post
Has anyone on this forum had any experience grinding/polishing cylindrical mirrors? I'm looking to make a version of the "mirror-o-matic" for these. Thanks. Jess Tauber [email protected]
Posted 07/18/2005 03:11AM #1
Jess, Do you mean conical backed mirror blanks? As most typical mirror blanks are short, vertical sides and front and back parallel versas a conical back...sides vertical for a short distance, front flat or concave and back tapering from thicker in the center to thinner at the edge...

Beyond that, I'd not have any idea what you are refering to by cylindrical mirrors.

If you mean conical backed mirrors, then yes...they can be done on a MOM type machine.


Posted 07/19/2005 09:52PM #2
I've made a number of glass spherical cylindrical lenses in the 6 to 7 inch size with fairly long radii. I think the idea is with all respect Sheer Lunacy. If you think parabolizing is hard try multiplying that difficulty by 10 to the second or third power.

Ed Jones
Posted 07/21/2005 12:36AM #3
For those who would like to see a diagram of a cylindrical mirror scope here are links to the pages I originally found on the WWW (through a search on Google):

This first one is by the fellow who won't be building this anytime soon...

The next is a short abstract of an article by the fellow from India, Dr. Ramesh Balasubramanyam. I wrote to him and got an offprint.

Here is a link to the call for papers from the upcoming conference UV/OPTICAL/IR SPACE TELESCOPES: INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES AND CONCEPTS II (OEI131) where they are interested in cylinder mirrors, among other things.

Read here about the how orthogonal cylindrical mirrors were used in some of the first x-ray scopes:

Cylindrical corrections:

There is plenty of stuff on the web about uses of cylindrical mirrors but it gets further and further afield of my main goal, which is ATM-oriented.

Many thanks to all of you who have provided useful info and insight.
Jess Tauber