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Mirror Quality

Started by Brad, 04/21/2002 09:56PM
Posted 04/21/2002 09:56PM Opening Post
I'm planning on a travelscope to use when traveling in a motorhome. I'd agreed to purchase a premimum 8" OTA with a 1/20 wave mirror, but the seller backed out at the last moment. (I don't blame him, I'd kept it too if the specs were that good.)

But, that made me start thinking about how high of quality mirror system I might need for a travel system. Say I'm planning on a 8" primary and I rarely expect to use more than 160 power (usually much lower). That's 20x diameter at the max. The top rated mirrors are rated at 50x. So, maybe I really don't need (I'm not saying I might not want) a 1/20th wave mirror for my use.

However, for my use, a smooth mirror finish might be more important than absolute mirror accuracy. I understand a smooth mirror finish produces a higher contrast image.

Could I get your comments on this?

Posted 04/21/2002 10:45PM #1
Get the best mirror you can, smooth and accurate. Don't settle for a substandard mirror.