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Pouring Lead Counterweights

Started by jadamslh, 03/04/2003 01:25PM
Posted 03/04/2003 01:25PM Opening Post
I want to make lead counterweights using cylindrical aluminum-bronze Acme nuts at the center. Can I pour melted lead into a form in which the Acme nut is centered and get the lead to bond to the bronze nut? How about pre-heating the bronze and/or using soldering flux?
I have two Acme nuts 3" long and was going to slice them into 1" long sections with a final weight diameter of 8" or 9".
The mount capacity is about 300#, the Acme counterweight shaft is 1.5"-5 thread.
Posted 03/04/2003 06:16PM #1
Get a Welder to braize some sort of protrusion on the sides of the nuts.
DL Smallen