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Rustoleum Chalk Board Black paint

Started by azoppi, 08/02/2005 07:05PM
Posted 08/02/2005 07:05PM Opening Post
I came across this paint in my local Home Depot today. Has anybody tried this paint to reduce stray light inside a scope OTA? This paint creates a coating that can then be used as a chalk board, as the name implies. (I paid the $4.77 and sprayed some on a piece of scrap wood. It looks pretty flat)

Posted 08/03/2005 07:50AM #1

That will work fine as a flat paint, although it's not the purest black (more of a very dark gray). What we use for non-critical optical black paint at work is Krylon Ultra Flat Black. Flocking that on gives a very satisfying flat black.

Posted 03/12/2007 07:59AM | Edited 03/12/2007 08:24AM #2
What I want to know is which one is more fun to watch dry?

Blame the EPA for low VOC with canned paint. Low VOC means long drying times and extremely long period of out gassing. I wouldn't paint the interior of a "sealed" scope with canned paint unless it's allowed to dry for maybe a month. Let your nose tell you. Any odor at all, still out gassing.

Human nature is to do it in one coat and let's see how it looks all put together. I resemble that remark and why smarter people than me exist to keep me safe.

I only know of one brand of paint that's tested for out gassing and you have to mix it and use a sprayer. We know Joe, PTI (Products Techniques, Inc.), either lacquer or epoxy flat black.

Appears you can buy this in a can but I haven't tried it.