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Started by Thomas Marshall, 02/11/2015 09:16PM
Posted 02/11/2015 09:16PM Opening Post
Mayer AZ. Naked eye could see easily all main stars in little dipper. Used Barska 15X70 binocs for quick look around. Comet Lovejoy showed good. M31 is amazing in binocs, M33 easily found-double cluster-wow, - checked out pleides-hyades-Orion Neb., ALL impressive. Found M65/66 In Leo, - the four moons of Jupiter, - M41, M44, - M46, - M47, both M81 and M82 were very good. Other stuff too. I've spent a LOT of $$ over the years on astro-stuff, and I still get excited looking thru these $50(on sale) binocs I got at big 5 years back. Pin Point stars, good resolution, enough power to make a difference. I have to keep a finger near the center focus to keep focus tweaked because my eyes move the eyepieces, but it's an easy thing to get used to. I feel a little sorry for some of you guys that have 8ft. of snow in your driveway, and/or have to look out through double pane windows, to get your astro-fix. Spring is right around the corner. smile Two days ago I got the best views of Jupiter I've ever had, using my C8, but I don't know if I should attribute it to my new WO 11/4" dielectric diagonal/improved collimation/ or that Jupiter is at opposition. Maybe all 3. Thomas Marshall
Posted 02/12/2015 07:15AM | Edited 02/12/2015 07:15AM #1
I think I need a pair of binocs. Notwithstanding the 5ft drift in front of my house, I setup the mount and scope where I cleared the sidewalk on Tuesday. First time trying out the cameras. Wasn't smooth sailing. Super cold. I did manage to get Jupiter onscreen and see the four moons. I dispensed with the cameras for awhile and fixed my collimation. Later indoors, I looked at the moon via the C8 sitting in my lap with the Basler while wife played games on her tablet. Very cloudy and trees in the way but promising. Torsten, FireCapture author, set me up with a version that supports my camera. Have to read up on gain, black level, exposure, etc.. This will be my first spring... anything worth planning ?

~ Charlie Stevenson

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