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Finder Scope?

Started by AstroDog77, 01/10/2021 10:23PM
Posted 01/10/2021 10:23PM | Edited 01/10/2021 10:56PM Opening Post
Apologies if this is a repeated thread, and please redirect me if that's the case. I purchased a C8 ota from a member here but there isn't a finder scope, there's a Celestron piggyback bolted on and I have a Nikon D5200. Can I slap that sucker on there and use it as a finder scope or would it make sense to just buy a finder scope?

Or am I just stupid and don't know what I'm asking?
Posted 03/14/2021 10:20PM #1
If you have a 200mm lens for your Nikon, it would act something like a 6x finder on that camera. A 300mm is close to a 9x finder. But the view might not be very bright after going through the pentamirror and focusing screen, it won't have crosshairs, and most important, the eyepiece will probably not be convenient to look through when it is mounted at the balance point on your scope. Plus, you are using hundreds of dollars of equipment and adding several pounds of weight to your setup.

So just buy a finder. You can get perfectly good 8x50 right-angle finders for $59-79. If your tube doesn't have a dovetail foot, make sure you get a bracket and have a way to attach it. If you live in an area of fairly dark skies (so you can see a lot of stars with the naked eye), you may prefer a red-dot pointer or Telrad. There are many discussions of these in the forums.
Posted 03/14/2021 11:30PM #2
Hello friend,
I forgot I posted this until I saw your response. I bought a MOA tactical sight and custom fabbed a mounting plate with kydex and a 2" picatinny rail. The stock Celestron red dot sight sucked. I feel like I looked at it sideways a few times and the scope would be completely out of alignment. I was able to match up a Celestron polar finder scope with the ES Firstlight mount that I bought so in a week or I should have a functional ploar finder, I have a little work to do there but it does fit.

The MOA sight is nice beacuse you can switch between concentric circles and five levels of brightness and red or green. Its pretty lightweight so I'm hoping it'll work out. Thanks for input in my journey!

I'll still be plopping the Nikon on the piggyback from time to time, grabbed a 24mm prime for it, but I'm getting decently skilled at balancing.