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Started by Paul300, 03/12/2013 05:14AM
Posted 03/12/2013 05:14AM | Edited 03/12/2013 07:55AM Opening Post
Where are all the photos of this comet? Have not seen many here on AM from ASTROMARTERS. I tried last weekend to spy this comet to no avail. Low clouds hampered my attempt. Will try again tomorrow here in Columbia. Paul
Posted 03/12/2013 06:43AM #1
Same here in Lodi, NJ.
Not even close to being clear....
Posted 03/12/2013 06:56AM #2
Go to realtime comet gallery. There's a bunch o photos there.

Scott Busby
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Posted 03/12/2013 06:32PM #3
From Maui Astronomy Club:
Here is a photo from Oahu!!!! Sent by member Roy Gal from his friend Sam Rhoads from Kakaako (honolulu)

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