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Started by yahganlang, 09/27/2005 04:32PM
Posted 09/27/2005 04:32PM Opening Post
Hi all. Last night after the last dregs of Rita blew by here in northern New Jersey the sky was spectacularly clear of the usual suspects pollutionwise, and around 5am I could make out a number of the fuzzier patches in the sky much more clearly than normally is the case.

While scanning the area with my 20x80 binos I noticed a nice fat open cluster between the moon and (I think) Saturn. Is this M44? or is it something else? The stars in the cluster pretty nearly filled my field of view in the binos, if that helps.

Its the first time I've gotten a chance to use binos on this particular piece of space since getting back into astronomy, so I'm still learning the "lay" (if this topsy-turvy usage stands) of the sky.

So was I looking at M44?


Jess Tauber