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Meade 8" LX200GPS Observing Report - 5/10/03

Started by jeffreyk1965, 05/11/2003 04:36AM
Posted 05/11/2003 04:36AM Opening Post
Hi everyone,

Tonight was the best night I have ever had viewing the moon so I thought I would post my observing report:

I was out in my front yard tonight in South Florida with my Meade 8” LX200GPS. I observed for about 3 1/2-hours. The seeing was very good, around an 8. I started off with Saturn and it looked very nice despite being very low in the western sky. Next, I took a look at Jupiter and it was showing a fair amount of detail in its equatorial bands.

The moon looked absolutely spectacular tonight and I saw some features on it that I have never seen before. The first was the “L” in the crater Clavius. This “L” was shown in the June 2003 Sky & Telescope but looked more like a “u”. It was easy to see and my wife even took a peek. Next, I saw 5-craterlets in Plato. I have never seen more than 4 craterlets before tonight through any telescope. The 5th craterlet was near the edge of the crater and I confirmed it by checking its location in one of my moon books. What amazed me the most was that the atmosphere was so steady for a short period of time that the 4-main craterlets were clear and sharp at 400x (5mm Ultima). I could see each of the three in the triangle and the one that is a double as actual little craters, not just spots. I have never seen them like this before. They were clear and sharp and fully resolved into round little craters.

Lastly, the toughest feature of all on the moon for me is the rille in the Alpine Valley. Well, I saw it blinking in at out at 400x in moments of good seeing. I verified what I saw with my moon book and yes, I did see it snaking down the middle of the valley. It blinked in and out but it was there in super steady moments. This was the best the moon has ever looked for me.

In between my viewing of the moon, I viewed the following double stars: Mizar, Castor, Algieba, and Izar. Each of them was completely split and very pretty. Lastly, I viewed M13 and M92.

To sum up, if anyone thinks Schmidt Cassegrains are lacking in contrast, they should come look through my scope!

Clear skies,
Posted 05/14/2003 01:10PM #1
Good report Jeff!
Gotta love these scopes...
My 10" is working like a charm, and I enjoy every second of it... (now, if only I could get rid of these damn mosquitoes!)

Clear skies!

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