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Saturn Dione Tethys 28 August 2021

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photographic observation in Orion

Started by hankbuck, 12/07/2005 07:16AM
Posted 12/07/2005 07:16AM Opening Post
I took a couple of star trail/landscape shots including the constellation Orion this last weekend. One was a two hour shot to the South, and, later on that night, a three hour exposure to the West. I was in Red Rock Canyon, North of Mojave, Ca. In my developed 6x7 transparencies, under a loupe, I noticed in both shots two VERY faint trails below the fuzzy pink line of M42, with what appeared like a miniscule double star, spaced every twenty minutes or so. This "plane-trail" appearing phenomenon occurred in both photos, following the motion of the stars precisely. I'd scan them and post, but I don't believe the oddity would be visible on the screen.
Any ideas?
David Vaughn