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Sirius Optics planetary enhancement filters?

Started by drachal, 04/20/2002 08:38AM
Posted 04/20/2002 08:38AM Opening Post
Has anyone had an opportunity to use any of these? I'd be curious to hear your results. The price is reasonable if it makes a noticable difference. Thanks. Mr. Darian Rachal

[COLOR="Blue"]Darian Rachal[/COLOR]
Posted 04/26/2002 01:49PM #1
I really can't recommend them right now. Mine (a 2" version) seems to be good at casting a greenish-gold tone over the FOV, and that's about it. I've used it under great seeing conditions, and under not-so-great conditions, and the image was ALWAYS better with no filter at all. (I'm referring to Saturn and Jupiter here). I used it on an optically excellent, collimated 12" LX200, and a 120mm Astro-Physics refractor. In both cases the unfiltered views was definitely better.