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Viewing in the reagon of black holes

Started by 2dogs7, 03/06/2003 09:12PM
Posted 03/06/2003 09:12PM Opening Post
Well here in central Indiana we have finally had a clear night. Frist one in 37 days. I thought for a while it was a biblical curse (missed by three days). I did see a star two nights ago and sat my scope out to cool off, half hour later was totaly closed out again. Anyhow, I experienced the black hole again tonight. Not in the cosmos, in my driveway. Seems every time I go out the black hole sucks something away. Tonight it was a lens cap. Now I know your thinking I just lost it, but, my driveway isn't that big. I can't tell you how many things it has consumed. Set screws for c-weights, EP caps & screws, power cords...the list goes on and on. I think this is the same black hole in the back of your dryer that sucks socks. Anyone else experience this phenomenon?
Posted 03/07/2003 05:48AM #1
Hey Jim, I think I'll lay out in my driveway tonight and see if I will be transported to New Jearsy.... smile