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Started by rwbubba, 03/06/2017 06:03PM
Posted 03/06/2017 06:03PM | Edited 03/06/2017 06:09PM Opening Post
To view a full Ad you click on a Category, (ex. Eyepieces) then click
on the individual Ad to view the full Ad.
If you then want to view another Ad under “Eyepieces” you first must
click out of that Ad and back into the “Eyepieces” category listing,
and then click on the next Ad in the Eyepiece category you want to
fully view. And so on….

In the “Forum”, when in the Topic threads, you are able to go thru
all of the threads in that Topic while remaining in that Topic using
the < Prev & Next > links near the top.

Would it feasible to have these links put in place for each full Ad
in the Classified Ads?
Ex. < Previous -Back to Listing- Next >

The “Back to Listing” is already in place at the bottom of each full Ad.

This would allow us the option to run through all of the complete
Ad’s in the Category, if desired, without having to exit and return
for each full Ad we want to view.

I’m satisfied with what we have. It works.
Just thought this addition may be of help.