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Wake-up call

Started by Ridgerunner, 12/24/2007 07:09AM
Posted 12/24/2007 07:09AM Opening Post
Back in the early 90's, Comet Shoemaker-Levy hit Jupiter and caught the eye of the world society. Now we have one comming pretty close to Mars and has a chance of 1 in 75 hitting the planet. In 2029 we have one comming toward our way. Will this cause people too wake-up and make government, put an infussion of money into NASA ?

From what I understand, NASA has am budget of 4 million and a staff of 2 shift that would support McDonnalds..

Where are the priorities here ?



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Posted 12/31/2007 09:33PM #1
There definately needs to be a wake-up call to assist NASA. I visited JSC outside Houston with my son last Friday. A tram tour around JSC left a ghost town impression. Vacant parking lots, a jogger or two, otherwise noone living moving around. The place looked abandoned. The visitor areas was a playground for kids with some interesting, educational areas. Overall, a surprising, somewhat discouraging experience.