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Great balls of fire!!

Started by 2dogs7, 06/05/2003 02:20AM
Posted 06/05/2003 02:20AM Opening Post
Hi all, Stayed up all night to get in on Mars this AM. I live about 30 miles south of Indianapolis and this was the first viewing night in about 25 days. Anyhow I saw several metiorites and two of what I classify as the biggest/lowest fire balls I have ever seen in my viewing life. I could plainly see pieces breaking off and burning up, beside the main body, and a very large tail that looked like it would hit my back yard. I believe they both burned up before hitting the earth, however, I am not positive. Did anyone else see anything like these?
Posted 06/06/2003 10:44AM #1
I did! But not on that night, and not in Illinois! smile

This past weekend at the OCA Anza site in California, there were two bright fireballs, low in the sky like yours, and the 2nd one also trailed debris behind the main body. I didn't catch the first one, only heard the oohs and aahs from those around that did. The 2nd one was an intense teal green color.