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Started by hknytych, 06/02/2003 04:50PM
Posted 06/02/2003 04:50PM Opening Post
I tracked Pluto over 5/31 and 6/1 at 0030 each night, using an 18" f4.5 dob, using a paracorr and a 17mm Nagler at 140x. This was from Prineville Reservoir in Central Oregon. I'd hardcopied a page from Megastar indicating that over the weekend Pluto would pass west just below a little asterism that looks like a tadpole, located 3/4 of a telrad bullseye NE of Sabik in Scorpio. Appearance was yellowish compared to nearby field stars, and (of course) point-like. Had to use averted vision Friday night (Sat morning), but the conditions allowed direct vision at times the following night.

Anyone looking for it can probably find it tonight pretty close to the end of the tail of the tadpole asterism. It was a pretty handy group of six or seven field stars.
Posted 06/02/2003 05:30PM #1
You mean like this, Howard?

Ron B[ee]
Posted 06/04/2003 08:35AM #2
Here's a complete account of the plucking of Pluto through my 4" TV-102 APO refractor.

Ron B[ee]