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Solar Film Material

Started by Brisley, 04/01/2004 07:25PM
Posted 04/01/2004 07:25PM Opening Post
Has anyone compared the Baader film to the Thousand Oaks Black Polymer? Costs are about the same. I am curious as to the image differences (other than color). My understansing is the the black polymer is more durable than the Baader, which from all my reading, seems to be pretty sensitive to accidental touches.

Thanks for any info,
Posted 04/02/2004 05:11AM #1
I recently made a filter from the TO material to replace a Baader that I had sold. My initial response was I liked the color better, but I don't think it is as sharp as the Baader.

Posted 04/04/2004 10:14AM #2
Brian -

I haven't used the black Polymer, but have been very happy with the two filters I made from the Baader film. I have used them for several years and they have held up very well. This image was captured in average seeing. In good seeing, the Baader film gives a sharper image than my glass filter.

clear skies,
Alan Friedman

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