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We certainly are a unique breed

Started by Larry J, 06/08/2004 05:40AM
Posted 06/08/2004 05:40AM Opening Post
Some very nice transit photos and a thanks to all those posters!
There was absolutely no way for me to evade an on time appearnce at work today and I was quite concerned that I might miss the entire transit since almost all of it would happen during my morning commute.
I packed my 76mm UO refractor in the trunk hoping that traffic would permit me to get a glimpse of the conclusion on my arrival at work. I was nervously watching the car clock all the way ( which, of course, is always set by use of U.S. Naval Observatory time reports)and for some reason became quite anxious everytime I saw any brake light chains that might signal slowdowns or accidents.
As "insurance" I pulled off the freeway about halfway to work and snuck a quick naked eye view. It took a few moments to adjust from the morning glare but I got my target. I'll bet a big chunk of change some other commuters wondered what that idiot was doing on the berm.
Fortunately I did arrive at work between 3rd and 4th contact. I was able to set the scope in one minute and follow the transit until 4th contact using about 20x. No time to use any other eyepiece other than the ortho I slapped in the scope when I left.
Gee, Why do I feel so good this morning!
Posted 06/08/2004 05:48AM #1
Good to hear you got to see a bit of it Larry. I specifically took the morning off in hopes that it would be clear. I haven't taken a day off in quite a while (well, since I've worked there 2 years) and figured this would be OK smile

I setup at a metro park and had about 20 morning walkers stop by, 10 of them stayed the entire time. On gal even went and got donuts for us!!