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First Bird Pic with New Camera

Started by Steve Stonehill, 08/29/2004 06:21PM
Posted 08/29/2004 06:21PM Opening Post
I shot this with a Coolpix 8700 hand held up to a 14mm eyepiece in a Vixen 102ED f6.5. The dove was approx. 150 feet away. I set the camera to macro but let it do everything else on auto. I figure in about 10 years I'll be half as good as people like Tyler on their worst day!

Clear Skies,


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Posted 08/30/2004 08:17PM #1
Not bad for a first try. grin
Does your camera have a zoom feature when it's in Macro mode? If so, then try zooming in until the vignetting (dark circle) goes away. It will also allow your camera to meter the scene beter.

Keep shooting and post often,
Robert W.

There's no substitute for fine glass!
Posted 08/31/2004 06:05AM | Edited 08/31/2004 06:05AM #2
Nice photo Steve. The focus looks good, which is the hardest part of digiscoping birds (IMHO). Digiscoping takes a lot of work, but can be well worth the effort. Keep the photos coming.

By the way, that was good advice from Robert about zooming the camera.... you can get rid of all the vignetting.


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