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Started by jmcarp, 05/07/2003 07:58AM
Posted 05/07/2003 07:58AM Opening Post
As a relative newcomer to this subject, I find this forum to be very educational. I continue to be inspired by the photographs that are posted here. In particular, the DSLR pix posted by some of you guys are simply outstanding. The learning experience is greatly enhanced when photo postings include a brief summary of equipment used and exposure information. Many of you already include this information, and I would like to see it become the norm. A notation of location is also helpful, be it by city, state, or region.

I also find myself agreeing with the separation of birding optics and photography into separate forums, and add the reminder to the system administrator that this forum needs to be renamed to take out the "optics" in the title. And I again raise the question of why both the new Birding Optics forum and the Wildlife Photography forum are down at the bottom of the page with all the manufacturer-specific forums.

Jim (Denver, CO)
Posted 05/07/2003 08:59AM #1
On the other hand, won't we know more about a scope's relative image quality through photographs? How are we to know whether an image is digital or optical unless camera/optic interfaces are noted?