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Tripod for cross over scope/spotter

Started by Paultricounty, 03/16/2003 12:58PM
Posted 03/16/2003 12:58PM Opening Post
Hello Group,

I will buying some kind of small telescope {around 80mm}or spotting scope. I’m leaning towards the telescope for a good cross over instrument, so it can be used for fast observing sessions. This scope/spotting scope will also be used to get me into birding and terrestrial viewing. I have narrowed it down to the following scopes. TMB 80/600 or their 80/480 and the Tak Sky-90 and possibly a TV 85. If a spotting scope the following spotters. Zeiss diascope 85 or the Leica televid .

Now for question, what would be the best all around tripod/mount set up for my purposes? I have a Bogen 3030 tripod and was thinking of using the Bogen 410 head. Or should I go for some other set up like one of the TV mounts or maybe a Giro mount from APM? All your thoughts and help are greatly appreciated.

Posted 03/16/2003 01:09PM #1
I've got a dumb question for you, and then some that may not be so dumb. Are you sure that your Bogen tripod is a "3030". I've got a 3030 "head" for one of the Bogens, but don't know of a tripod by that designation. Could you maybe have a 3021, 3033, or 3036 tripod? Does it have a geared center column?

Next up, is a geared center column worth it to you in terms of added weight in exchange for MUCH easier height adjustment? How far are you thinking of carrying the total rig, and under what conditions? How important is veiwing at zenith to you, and will you mostly be standing or sitting? The more that you can tell about *exactly* what you want to do, the better chance that you'll actually get relevent answers.

Mike Swaim
Posted 03/16/2003 03:18PM #2
I'd be interested in this too. Most tripods I have do not handle my 5 pound scope well when pointed high in the sky - the mount just won't hold the scope. I have an old, monster Linhof that does not have this problem, but it has too much "spring" in altitude. A lot of the small altazimuth astro mounts tend to be too balance sensitive, requiring rebalancing when changing eyepieces if going from a heavy one to a light one or vice-versa.