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Alleged Moon Landing Fakes

Started by 2dogs7, 08/14/2003 11:09AM
Posted 08/14/2003 11:09AM Opening Post
In the September issue of Astronomy mag. the artical entilted "View from the Mountaintop" about Mt. Wilson, they list the extrordanary ability of the "CHARA" array to resolve a nickel at a distance of 10,000 miles. Given that the Moon is roughly 240,000 miles from Earth, by interpolation we should be able to see a 15" object on the surface of the Moon with this technology. Why not point this CHARA array at the moon landing sites and image some junk left there by NASA. There should be plenty of items viewable. The exercise could include members of the skeptics in order to refute claims that it was again faked.

Any comments?

Posted 08/17/2003 09:57PM #1
Of course it was a fake. Here's the proof:

(from the last time this was discussed)