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How many Iraqi casualties

Started by Paultricounty, 04/19/2003 03:18PM
Posted 04/19/2003 03:18PM Opening Post

I do not hear much on the news about casualties on either side. I did read something like we lost 1 in every 450 of American troops, an unprecedented number in warfare taking over a country of this size. But how many did we have to kill of their military? I think the civilian casualties were low but not as low as our own troops. Considering that there were some heavy battles. But know one said how many at one time were confronting our troops. I was very curious if anybody has any info on this.

Posted 04/19/2003 04:46PM #1

I was speaking of fatalities. I know their can not be exact numbers, but the military can have rough estimates of possible Iraqi dead. These if, in the tens of thousands of fatalities, are they lying in the desert? Are mass graves being built/dug?

I find it amazing how proud I feel as do other Americans of our military and is awesome capabilities. But after the worry of winning is over I can’t help but think about all the dead who had no chance of survival and how many were like sitting ducks in a pond. In the hundreds or even thousands, its mind boggling.

Have a happy Easter everyone!