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IBM ThinkPad Power Adapters Needed

Started by Brad, 05/06/2002 10:20PM
Posted 05/06/2002 10:20PM Opening Post
Worried that my employeers expensive Dell notebook might walk at a star party, I picked up a couple of surplus IBM notebooks. Need the 16 volt coaxel and the 20 volt 4 pin unit. Anyone have some surplus units or know where to find them cheap?

Is there an equivlant of Astromart for computers/parts?

Posted 05/07/2002 01:04PM #1
Take the computer to Radio Shack. They have just about any power adaptor that you could want. If I were trying to set up power for a field installation, I would plan to use 12 volt auto voltage and RS has an adjustable dc-dc converter that will provide you any output voltage from 9 to 24 volts and the output can have almost any of the popular output connectors.