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"Let's cut the UFO crap" can of worms

Started by Thomas Marshall, 02/12/2015 03:52PM
Posted 02/12/2015 03:52PM | Edited 02/13/2015 02:11AM Opening Post
March 2015 "Astronomy" magazine article by David J. Eicher. This guy seriously thinks he and his mag. the final mediator on the issue of alien life visiting earth?? Billions of galaxies each with billions of stars/planets and he thinks the powers that be made it a stagnate still life?? Sure, it's a big universe - 2 hundred years ago it would have been "impossible" to believe there was so much out there. Does Eicher think he has exhausted and finalized all knowledge/understanding of time/space/light?? Perhaps it is as U2 says, - something that "has to be believed - to be seen". Proofs have been made, and truths disavowed. I never heard of any of the twelve Apostles denying the twelve "walkers" on the moon. Some astronauts share names with some of them. Though these Apostles had no college educations and certificates or scientific knowledge, - they were NOT as modern science would have it, - "twelve monkeys". A "once upon a time" friend that is high in spiritual circles, once described himself as others had described him, as "a beam of light". He passed every test I could think of, even though our friendship went south. If as the "Moody Blues" said, "there's life in other worlds, - maybe they'll come to earth, - helping men to find a way", - it seems the time around WWII would have been better than most for them to show up for work. There should maybe be a theorem like "Occam's Razor OR "Murphy's Law", to apply to modern intellectuals/astronomers etc. How about - Scientist's/Astronomers understanding of the light they see, - diminishes in direct proportion to the increasing amount of light made visible to them. wink Thomas Marshall
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Posted 02/13/2015 10:44AM #2
OK, now that I understand the post a little better I can comment. grin
I am not sure that anything is impossible but there are things that are highly unlikely. In my youth I thought that the ability for a ship to travel to earth was more likely than I now realize.
Of course if someone out there has figured out how to travel faster than light, then the likelihood increases. But so far it seems unlikely that this type travel is possible outside sci-fi.
The biggest problem for me on ancient astronauts is the improbability that they would pick this star in this remote area of the galaxy to visit. Again, if they have advanced techniques to find planets as we are developing this this would increase there ability to find us and maybe even decide to come visit.
But then again, even at light speed the distance between our world and theirs is not to be taken lightly. It would require either generations of astronauts that never return home, the ability to enter into stasis to allow long trips without aging or the species would have to live a VERY long time indeed.

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