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Life without TV?

Started by drachal, 09/07/2002 06:56AM
Posted 09/07/2002 06:56AM Opening Post
Many years ago I got rid of my television for good.Most people that I know find it difficult to envision their life without television. I'm inclined to think that most people have a "psychological addiction" to television. If I'm at a friend's house & something humourous is on, I do enjoy good comedy, however I am inclined to think that by not exposing myself to the efforts of manipulation that occur constantly on TV, in one form or another, my life is enhanced in some respect. Has anyone else weaned themselves from the "idiot box"? :-) Mr. Darian Rachal

[COLOR="Blue"]Darian Rachal[/COLOR]
Posted 09/07/2002 10:21AM #1
And miss PBS? No way man there are some good shows there! Seriously, I like PBS, the Dicovery channel, etc... the History ch. I have a hungry mind.

...and who doesn't enjoy good comedy.

Here is another one, life without Star Trek. Arghhh! Just kidding, but I do enjoy the show.

I guess it's best to find a balance. Sometimes it's nice for me to just leave the TV off. I ignore it most of the time anyway since I am usually doing something else.

Uh! Uh! ... life without the internet ... no Astromart? no way!

Posted 09/08/2002 11:06AM #2
I have not weaned myself from television, but I did cancel my cable-programming service, several months ago.

My TV intake is down to one or two hours per week (max).

I was a teenager during the "heyday" of late-70s/early-80s sitcom hell. Today's TV "landscape" -- to me, at least -- is far more insipid and inane.

I'm less concerned with the "manipulative" aspect of current TV; it's the overall air-headedness and stupidity of most programs which worries me more.

I'll keep my modest 19-inch Toshiba for viewing movies (repeat favorites and future rentals).

Best wishes and congratulations on weaning yourself!
Posted 09/11/2002 05:08AM #3
The idiot box is still there, but I had the cable disconnected last year -- it was a lot of money to pay for the two or three things I may want to watch in a month. Being something of a movie nut, I have a small library of tapes and dvd's -- including From The Earth to the Moon, which could justify the whole setup alone -- so except for weather reports I don't even turn on the local channels anymore.