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And here is how they pay for it

Started by JJM, 09/17/2009 02:21PM
Posted 09/17/2009 02:21PM Opening Post
That staunch conservative, Senator Jay Rockefeller, let the cat out of the bag on the administration's real plans for funding ObamaCare:

Bend over America, here comes the golden shaft. Will they even bother with Vaseline?

Jim McSheehy
Posted 09/18/2009 12:52AM #1
Only idiots would believed the chief idiot when he said as a candidate for the presidency that he would provide wonderful solutions quickly and for free, or that we would be in the post racial era. We have seen that the CHANGE that he meant was that he intended to change this country into a third world nation with him as the tin horned dictator and his swooning liberal followers telling him how wonderful he is. We have seen that he can waste more of other people's money more quickly than anyone in world history. His health care scheme is just another disaster that he is setting up for this country that he and his jack booted thugs intend to take full political advantage of.

Clear Skies,

"You guys make a pretty good photo op" Obama said about the military. A perfect example of how libs support the troops.