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Barack Obama Audacity Watch!

Started by James G, 07/31/2008 02:37AM
Posted 07/31/2008 02:37AM Opening Post
Those on the right are going to love this new site...the left?...well...the open-minded ones may discover a thing or 2! wink 8)

The right will now have even more ammo to work with and even less trouble defending themselves!
Posted 07/31/2008 07:22AM | Edited 07/31/2008 07:23AM #1
EXACTLY the same thing can be said about the right... it's politics these days. Pretty disheartening.

Jim Babcock said:

To many on the left it is form (the source/site) that is important, not the substance.

Owright - NEVER!!!
Posted 07/31/2008 07:56AM #2
No complaints about this site. Sure it's spin, but if the RNC goes over the line, the media will call them on it.

There are only 10 kinds of people who understand binary - those that do and those that don't