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Bush: "Afghanistan an arising democracy"

Started by Rod Kaufman, 08/30/2004 02:59PM
Posted 08/30/2004 02:59PM Opening Post
Bush hailed Afghanistan as an "arising democracy" before a pro-Bush rally at a steel workers union in West Virginia.
Despite the scheduled "presidential" elections slated in Afghanistan in October, the country remains a feudal society ruled by warlords. The candidate with the backing of the largest and most powerful warlord will likely prevail as president and will hold power and policy as dictated by that warlord. At least that's the consensus of everyone of those who are familiar with the issue, everyone except for George Bush...
Posted 08/30/2004 05:37PM #1
Rod, you should know by now, the reality isn't important; it's the perception of reality that matters. This is a fundamental tenet of the Bushies. Get with the program! wink