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Election Predictions

Started by hknytych, 04/08/2004 12:54PM
Posted 04/08/2004 12:54PM Opening Post
1) As the Iraqi quagmire lengthens, the body count goea up, and the jobless economic recovery continues, the Bush administration will increase their spin rhetoric even more to put events in a positive light. CNN and Fox will profit greatly by money spent on the heightened media blitz.
2) Despite their efforts, the public will increasingly doubt the administration's credibility, and Bush's poll numbers will go down.
3) The price of gasoline will become the primary single factor negatively affecting public opinion. The public perception of the cause of high prices at the pump will be obscenely high profit margins by large oil companies which support the president.
4) As the election draws near, the administration will resort to pulling rabbits out of hats: Osama will be found. The price of gasoline will go down.
5) But it will be too late -- the poll numbers will continue to fall.
6) A week or so prior to November 6, the Bush administration will consider indefinitely postponing the election "in the interests of national security", based on intelligence of impending terrorist threats.
Posted 04/08/2004 01:04PM #1
LOL! I'll bet at least half of the six come true.