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Given all that is happening NOW... isn't it OBVIOU

Started by DaveWagner, 03/19/2010 11:44AM
Posted 03/19/2010 11:44AM Opening Post
Tried so hard to take away as many guns as possible from the People?

This is the ugliest time in American Politics since the 60's.

If the Socialist/Communist/Statists (Democrats) ram this one through, there WILL be a rebellion, it only becomes a question of WHEN, and what kind. Don't be too fooled that the Republicans (as they exist now) are the saviors in this, though! Oh no, they are just conveniently AGAINST it because they know it is hugely unpopular. They are almost as much to blame for this as the socialist/progressives of the last 70 years (maybe in some ways more, they knew better, but cynically pretended to not be socialists/statists - at all - when in fact they were just the same, but slightly less...).

I sincerely pray that rebellion is manifested by November 2010, and that real CONSERVATIVES (not RINOS of the last 8+ years before BHO) or better, true patriotic Libertarians - win enough seats in Congress and Senate to:

1) Immediately and completely repeal this turd - if it should pass and
2) Begin to completely and totally dismantle Social Security AND Medicare/Medicaid; has to be gradual, but has to be done
3) Eliminate the huge federal bureaucracy who have entitlements, benefits and pensions virtually no working American has

The only "crisis" going on here folks, is a DEBT crisis; and 70+ years of Ponzi-scheme vote buying SS/Medicare/Medicaid and now this - turd - is finally coming to it's VERY ugly head... There ain't nobody left to steal (borrow) from anymore. Look up the unfunded liabilities of the US Government sometime folks!

If this bill passes, and the elections in November are not sufficient to immediately repeal it, I propose that EVERY taxpaying/working American simply QUIT paying taxes to the feds altogether, and completely disobey this law... A truly non-violent, Ghandi-like approach. It is economically, ethically, and morally wrong.

Because otherwise, the ONLY other alternative is... assisting the Leftists/socialists in fixing their precious global warming problem through rapid acceleration of their assumption of room temperature (in order to eliminate their conversion of O2 into CO2).

Folks, it is going to get this UGLY if this bill goes through, don't pretend otherwise. The Lefties are really deeply pissing off a VERY broad segment of America right now...

Case in point: don't EVER forget that the Democrats LOST a Senate election in freaking Peoples Republic of Massachusetts over this very issue... If that doesn't tell you what MOST people REALLY feel on this issue... then you are a "denier" - as in denier of REALITY. Most voters and taxpayers in Massachusetts voted for Scott Brown BECAUSE he boldly stated he was vote #41 to stop this insanity. This is the most LEFT leaning and Democrat party controlled state in the country folks! There are fewer than a handful of "republicans" in the state house of senate... they are outnumbered here in government by 8 to 1.

And don't ever forget we - here in Massachusetts - KNOW what will happen, because we started down this road over 2 years ago... We just yesterday had the DEMOCRATIC state treasurer state that our state will be bankrupt in 4 years because of this type of medical plan. Our rates have gone up faster than ever the last 2 years. This is what happens when you throw "government" money at fixing a "problem"... the problem gets MORE expensive.

Ahh, but isn't it morally comforting to know that the 10's of 1000's of illegal aliens here in Massachusetts now have "health insurance" (paid for by OUR taxes), so they can compete for the same health resources with folks who actually PAID for their own insurance - AND theirs! Driving UP wait times, reducing "access", and driving UP costs! Freaking LOVELY!

(And yes, we DO know it was pushed by a so-called Republican - Romney. Bah... a pox on that RINO, he, and much of the Republicans of the last 10+ years are virtually interchangeable with the Democrats)

Me, I'm gonna find as many like minded folks as I can, and initiate/join a legal challenge and class-action suit against the very concept that the government EVER has the right to force ANYONE to purchase ANYTHING. Screw THAT.

I don't know whether to believe the voting Left actually understands where this is all leading (and it's been their PLAN all along, that they really do hate every principle this country was founded on), or that they are so truly intellectually and economically clue-less that they'll only wake up when moderates and conservatives simply either stop enabling them ("Atlas Shrugged"), or simply just eliminate them altogether.

yep - I guess they WERE right all along to fear the citizens having guns, huh?

The Left leadership KNOWS this is their LAST chance to destroy our system (because as many of us that can ever "wake up" and "call them out" are doing so right now), and that entitlement programs once put in place cannot be eliminated. These entitlement programs BIND people to the state, which is their plan! This one officially puts them "over the top" on their 70+ year agenda, because it will officially mean that more Americans are getting money FROM the government, than are paying FOR it. And then, there are no more electoral chances to stop the slide into socialism/statism.

Oswald Spengler was right 90 years ago... we are now in the Winter of Democracy: (this from Wikipedia):

Winter: Coming fissure in the world-urban civilization. Exhaustion of mental organization strength. Irreligiousness rises.

* Religion: Materialism: Cults of science, utility, and luck. Ethical-social ideals: philosophy without mathematics, skepticism. The last mathematical thinkers. Decline of abstract thinkers, and the rise of specialized academic philosophy. Spread of the last ideas.
* Art: End of symbolic art. All art becomes meaningless subjects of fashion.
* Politics: Democracy, the rule of the rich, followed by caesarism and bureaucracy

"Philosophy without mathematics" - yep that's Obamacare folks!
"all art becoming meaningless subjects of fashion" - sounds like our so-called culture of 15 seconds of fame, Paris Hilton, Tiger Woods, you name it...
"Politics: democracy the rule of the rich, followed by..." - sounds like our Retain, purchased and retained representatives doesn't it?

Pretty prescient for a 1918 German, huh?

Yes, indeed...

We now know why they don't want us having guns... don't we?