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It used to be "who is John Galt", now maybe today.

Started by DaveWagner, 04/03/2009 11:07AM
Posted 04/03/2009 11:07AM Opening Post
we should all sign off, or initiate conversations with...

"Got ENOUGH Change?"

Because I for one, have had MORE than enough in the last 3 months (of precisely the kind I predicted BEFORE the election)...

And LESS (Change, as in MONEY), than I had BEFORE the election...

My taxes are going UP
My property is worth LESS
My investments are cut in HALF
My Children have just had their debt basically doubled in a nano-second, and

Soon, all too soon, we're going to have hyper-inflation...

Yep, I've "had ENOUGH Change!"

BTW: how come we've seen no liberals/democrats calling for Chris Dodd to be arrested and put in jail, hmmmmm?