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Obama and the Race Card!

Started by James G, 08/02/2008 07:12AM
Posted 08/02/2008 07:12AM Opening Post
Why does BO foolishly continue to play the race card?!!

It's even starting to seem more like insanity than foolishness.

The BO gang was insane to accuse their fellow Dems of being racists. What could it do but offend Dems and split the party? I can't think of a more divisive, misguided strategy than what BO has done.

Otoh, the McCain campaign's hair trigger on Obama's use of the race card shows that the McCain camp learned from the primaries. They hit back fast and hard. The effect is that the McCain campaign lends sympathy to Hillary by acknowledging what happened in the primaries. It's just one more reason why Hill Dems support McCain over the Selected and Unqualified, Affirmative Action candidate!

The article,

An excerpt,

Obama's problems with race have nothing to do with his half-African ancestry or his own experience with racism and unfairness, but boil down to his deftly wanting it both ways: reminding the Germans he is a different sort of American from what they're used to (false, they knew Rice and Powell well enough), while preempting by suggesting others will evoke race, but in a negative context. But his polls, I wager, will begin to slip from all this, because all this sophisticated triangulation is about to blow up in the public mind.

1) The voter is starting to hear serially from Obama about race; they were promised a racially transcendent candidate, but so far Obama seems obsessed with identity, either accusing others of racism, or using heritage himself for political advantage. This is a tragic blunder.

2) He has the same want-it-both-ways with odious racists: Rev. Wright is a former spiritual advisor, and "brilliant" scholar who nevertheless serially slurs America, whites, Italians, Jews, etc. Ludacris is "a great talent" and "talented" to such an extent Obama wants him in his I-pod menu, and has met with him—but also a racist to be shunned. Ditto Pfleger. A pattern is emerging: Obama associates with or tolerates racists when such quasi-intimacy cements street-cred as an authentic minority or someone cool in the anti-Bush mode; but then when they inevitably revert to form, he not merely casts them off, but is "shocked" at their usual expression, and so like speed bumps they litter the roadway as he barrels ahead.

3). The "typical white person", grandma under the bus riff, Pennsylvania "clingers" rant etc. , 'no more disown Rev, Wright/ but now leaving Trinity Church', etc. themselves are immaterial, but in toto provide a thin margin of tolerance when something like Ludacris or Obama's latest accusation of racism surfaces.

4) Right now Obama does not need to solidify his 90% African-American base or the white liberal adherents; but instead he must remember why he lost all those primaries to Hillary and to what degree his campaign since then has addressed those concerns that lost him those electorates. When a West Virginian hears that Obama is accusing others of racism, or hears him promise that racial reparations will now be a matter of government deeds not words, or a rapper brags he is a favorite of Obama and then slurs Clinton, McCain, Bush in thinly disguised racist terms, it starts to create an image of someone who is not bringing people together, but precisely the opposite.

Btw, if you`re wondering why we constantly get the truth from articles which lean`s because the MSM, (the left), is so in love and mesmerized by their leader, they wouldn`t know the truth if it hit them squarely in the face!