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Obama is a Celebrity, Not a Leader!

Started by James G, 07/31/2008 09:27AM
Posted 07/31/2008 09:27AM Opening Post
New McCain Campaign`s actually pretty good, IMHO!
Posted 07/31/2008 11:17AM #1
Jim E. Gleason said:

New McCain Campaign`s actually pretty good, IMHO!
I see that you are up late with your new APO and your old Barack Obama resentment. I think you would be happier and better off if you did more of the former and less of the later. wink

There are only 10 kinds of people who understand binary - those that do and those that don't
Posted 08/01/2008 12:59AM #2
Why do McCain ads always show ancient footage of him as a virile young man, as he may have been,,, about eight-hundred years ago?