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The ultmate in Democratic, Obama/Illinois-style co

Started by DaveWagner, 10/28/2010 08:36AM
Posted 10/28/2010 08:36AM Opening Post

Yep; Corrupt, democratic machine Chicago has ensured that over 2600 FELONS in Jail get absentee ballots, but the same number of residents who happen to serve overseas in the military did not...

In violation of federal law, a federal law that Obama's Justice Department is granting "waivers" to MANY states to "not have to get the ballots to our soldiers" on time.

Disenfranchising our men and women who serve, to serve ballots to Felons.

Yes indeed, folks, this is the naked, UGLY truth behind democrat, socialist, statist, progressive, and Obamunist politics.

If this election is stolen, let the armed revolution begin. And we all know who has the arms; and it's NOT the liberals, progressives, socialists, statists and Obamnunists!

Pay attention America. The fraud is becoming ever more clear.