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Trump blocks USPS funds to prevent mail-in voting

Started by ozprof, 08/14/2020 11:22PM
Posted 08/14/2020 11:22PM Opening Post
This one is remarkable. donnie has admitted blocking money for the postal service to prevent expanded mail-in voting on the same day he applies for a postal vote!

On top of that, newly appointed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, (a big donor to the great leader's re-election campaign) has stopped overtime pay for postal workers and reduced the number of mail-sorting machines. DeJoy also announced a plan to charge states first-class rates, as opposed to bulk rates, for delivering ballots. That would increase the cost of that service from 20 cents to 55 cents. Multiply that by a few million, and it becomes big money for states to fork out.

All aimed to try and help trump's re-election by minimising voter turnout.

Also on that score, Trump-loving Ohio Secretary of State, Frank LaRose has announced that he is going to set up drop boxes, as required by state law. Each of Ohio's 88 counties will dropbox, located at the county registrar's office. This would mean that some voters would face several hours to drive to the nearest dropbox. Is there nothing the republicans will not do to try and win the election?

Maybe it is time to call in UN election monitors for vet the election!

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Posted 08/14/2020 11:37PM #1
Trump's desperate:
Posted 08/15/2020 01:11AM #2
Originally Posted by Rod Kaufman
Trump's desperate:

The American Postal Worker's Union is not taking it lying down.

(This photo is not officially sanctioned by the union)

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Posted 08/15/2020 01:27AM #3
Originally Posted by Richard Davis

You've got that exactly backwards.  The left are the ones who will stop at nothing to steal an election, including getting the FBI to SPY on the Trump election campaign, which we now have FBI lawyers pleading guilty that they committed Federal crimes under Comey.  
Big correction: one lawyer not "lawyerS" and not pleading guilty to federal "crimeS' but one specific instance involving Carter Paige, of all people. It's unfortunate he even wasted his time in him.
And you got it exactly ass backwards about the vote and stealing the election. Trump is clearly trying to suppress the vote and where the hell were you and Barr in prior elections when it came to mail in voting? This didn't become an issue of consequence until Trump decided to make it one...