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Watch the Ditto Heads chuckle

Started by Kevin Conville, 03/21/2004 07:42PM
Posted 03/21/2004 07:42PM Opening Post
See how the right reams Richard Clarke after his 60 Minutes interview and new book.

Clark worked for the Reagan, Bu$h 1st, Clinton, and Bu$h 2nd administrations as the Terrorism Czar. But now he'll be branded a traitor, turncoat, hell Satan himself- you'll see.

I hope his house is in order and his rectum is in good shape for the brutal violation he's about to receive.

I don't expect any truth to sway the goose stepping right, but THIS might have an effect on the tiny group in the middle. And that'll get the job done.

God bless Richard Clark. He's a patriot.
Posted 03/22/2004 07:26AM #1
When the Bush administration came in, they were thoroughly briefed about the increasing
dangers from terrorism. Yet they chose to focus their energies on tax cuts
and other pet projects that they found more important than national security.
They dropped the ball. Period.