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Mr Obama needs.....

Started by AstroMart, 04/07/2018 03:51PM

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Posted 08/20/2010 05:28PM #10
Herb-Keep'm going. It's funny how serious people take these issues. If you don't like the thread don't read it and move on. If not take a valium and deal with it. I myself enjoy the diversity and the entertainment value.
Posted 08/20/2010 06:18PM #11
This is twice this week you have refered to our President as Mr.. He is President Obama, Commander and Chief. I'm out of here. Go ahead and delete my post and cancel my account. That would be just about what I expect from someone who disrespect the office of the President of the United States of America.
Dale G. Smith
Posted 08/20/2010 06:39PM #12
I respect the fact that you are obviously an intelligent guy. However, your verbosity does not make your points any more valid. Most Americans do not miss the point, they just don't agree with you.
Posted 08/21/2010 05:46AM #13
I assume everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs on this
subject. I truly believe that the main stream media like the NY Times,
tha LA Times, CBS, NBC, ABC, Msnbc, etc. are and have been
biased in favor of Liberals/Democrats for a Long Long time. Studies
have shown that these news organizations published far more positive
articles/reports on Mr. Obama than negative. So those who harp about
Fox News being biased or not factual are either liars or very naive.

Posted 08/21/2010 05:55AM #14
Or are so far to the left themselves that they cannot see the truth.

Posted 08/21/2010 08:33AM #15
It depends on the bias