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Biblical Archaeology on Nova

Started by Herp-art, 11/19/2008 05:19AM
Posted 11/19/2008 05:19AM | Edited 11/19/2008 05:22AM Opening Post
This week's Nova program on PBS was about Biblical archaeology and how the history written in the bible squares with the physical evidence. It centers on the chronology of the Israelite's presence in Canaan, and when the books of the bible were written--and by who. Verrrry interesting. For example, It appears that Joshua could not possibly have conquered all of the cities of Canan the Bible says he did, as the physical evidence shows some cities were destroyed (or not) hundreds of years apart. The show is not about disproving the Bible, so don't get your dander up until you've seen it.
Check your local listings, it should be on again. We have 3 PBS stations available on our cable, so Nova gets rerun a couple of times a week here. It should be available for viewing on the PBS website soon (not yet-I checked)
Did anyone else see it last night?