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Church of Astronomy

Started by NebSteve, 09/03/2009 12:00PM
Posted 09/03/2009 12:00PM Opening Post
No set gathering place as yet. No rituals apart from the usual cleaning and adjusting the instruments. The music could be Holst's Planets, but again not mandatory. No vaulted cathedral ceiling, just an open sky. No hard oak bench, just an old lawnchair.

More than the depths of the ocean I am awe struck by the expanse of incredible distance. In poor seeing the stars dance. The upper level turbulence plays gasoline alley on our view of the moon. Not a night lost, but enjoyed.

And what prayer could I offer? Only:

Posted 09/03/2009 06:47PM #1
I always use my nights under the sky to get a sense of perspective, a way to gauge the petty troubles of our lives on earth. Generally this works- then some clown across the street throws on the search lights and I remember what it feels like to be a killer ape grin

Jess Tauber
Posted 09/15/2009 09:13AM #2
Steve Hollenbach said:

And what prayer could I offer? Only:


And just who are you thanking random chance? grin I'll offer up this prayer composed by the greatest of "star priests".

"Look skyward now...
and see above... INFINITY
Vast and dark and deep
and endless... your heritage:
Silent clouds of stars,
Other world uncountable and other suns
beyond numbering
and realms of fire-mist and star-cities
as grains of sand...
Across the void...
Across the gulf of night...
Across the endless rain of years...
Across the ages."

Robert Burnham Jr.

His words still reverberate throughout the celestial cathedral. Genuflect now you "pilgrims of the stars"

[COLOR="Red"][/COLOR]per me caeci vident[COLOR="Red"][/COLOR]