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Life not special?

Started by ccanelos, 04/22/2003 04:37AM
Posted 04/22/2003 04:37AM Opening Post
Gary P.
I know that what you mean by "not special" is "not designed" but I couldn't help but be struck by how you applied the word.

In all the uncountable randomness of the universe, life came about and against uncountable odds it came about that I am here, I know who I am, and I can even contemplate those odds in the first place? Further, the molecules in my body might eventually be disbursed into space and help to form something that another stargazer in a different when and where can find in her telescope?

Phew! Not just special, but bloody marvelous - on the face of that what does it really matter whether it was designed or not?

I can hardly wait to go observing!


Sweet the coming on
Of grateful evening mild; then silent night
With this her solemn bird and this fair moon,
And these the gems of heaven, her starry train.
--John Milton