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Re: I'm sorry but

Started by Jozeph, 07/25/2003 09:17PM
Posted 07/25/2003 09:17PM Opening Post
Also in the interest of "clarity" let me suggest that this is nothing more than the typical bull that Tom DeLay likes to amuse himself with. I'm sure he also amuses his boss and a few wagon loads of texans... who are no doubt impressed with the funny way he talks ;-) Nothing new here, just more divisive lip flapping.
Posted 07/25/2003 11:07PM #1
oh...but it is all so true. Not one bit of it can be refuted - well maybe the part about the liberals and their pink leisure suits...
Posted 07/26/2003 06:09AM #2
Maybe he could go into the entertainment industry where he might actually accomplish something. He could play to SRO crowds in 2 horse texas towns ;-)