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Re: Question for you

Started by 2dogs7, 03/02/2003 01:56PM
Posted 03/02/2003 01:56PM Opening Post
Watching this thread is indeed interesting but like many subjects discussed here there has been no qualifying points for reference. What is good? Our defination will differ with every person. I think it was perfactly ligit. to use God (or the Bible's) ref. point. If we do this, none of them were good. We are all born into sin and it is not possible for us to acheive "goodness". The bible states that our best works are like "stinking rags" that reek in heaven. The law that the Jews follow did or is (depending on your faith) look/looking forward to a redeamer. Jesus also clearly teaches that you can not be saved by the law, or by works. While all three of them would be good by most societies views, it is not by God's.