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Reasons to believe..

Started by 2dogs7, 01/18/2003 02:49PM
Posted 01/18/2003 02:49PM Opening Post
While many Christians are fundamentalist and come off as unbending, overbearing and/or dogmatic, so I have found many proclaimed Atheists in their opposition. Thus my conclusion that in order to fight against something so hard, they must have a belief. Mr. Gary Poliquin (for one) on the other hand has stated only that he has not been made aware of scientific proof of a supreme being or inteligence behind the cosmos. I respect this position and appreciate his non-agressive attitude. I would like to explore this position with all of you if I may. First of all lets lay down some qualifying statements. Firstly, in an earlier thread (What a sad existance) I surmised through the totem pole logic that to know love - is to know God, and vise-versa. Secondly, Gary himself stated that believing that we have a knowing understanding of the workings of the universe would be quite pompus indeed. In related thinking I stated that the early Jews within the the Hebrew Tanakh would not describe or even name God. By holding both these beliefs/concepts, I propose (as the Jews) that we can not explain/confine God to/by any understandable definiation. So now, either through logic, we define God as in our (Christian & Jewish) writings and beliefs or, scientifically, we can not define him. I happen to believe that there is alot of evidence of the existance of God and more specifically the God of the Bible. However, any evidence or scientific proof of any kind requires faith in some degree. If I read a test report in a scientific journal, my belief in such requires that I have faith in the structure of the experiement, the integrity of the persons reporting, etc., etc. Thus, any ammount of evidence can be brushed aside by someone who has no reason to believe. This works for either side. So instead of trying to prove the physical existence of God, maybe we should be looking for a spiritual existence. Look for reasons to believe..
Posted 01/18/2003 02:53PM #1
Tim, I don't know what you mean, that the Hebrews did not have a name for God, or described him. Can you elaborate? No transitional fossils tonight, I need a break. Thanks,