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something worth reading on coming war

Started by kmichaelm, 03/10/2003 06:40PM
Posted 03/10/2003 06:40PM Opening Post
I don't agree with everything in this speech, but it does have points worth thinking about, especially when it comes to our alliances and the damage we may be doing to them.


Reckless Administration May Reap Disastrous Consequences

Senate Floor Speech - Wednesday, February 12, 2003

To contemplate war is to think about the most horrible of human experiences. On this February day, as this nation stands at the brink of battle, every American on some level must be contemplating the horrors of war.

Yet, this Chamber is, for the most part, silent -- ominously, dreadfully silent. There is no debate, no discussion, no attempt to lay out for the nation the pros and cons of this particular war. There is nothing.

We stand passively mute in the United States Senate, paralyzed by our own uncertainty, seemingly stunned by the sheer turmoil of events. Only on the editorial pages of our newspapers is there much substantive discussion of the prudence or imprudence of engaging in this particular war.

Rest of this at

I have to agree with Byrd that;

"Calling heads of state pygmies, labeling whole countries as evil, denigrating powerful European allies as irrelevant -- these types of crude insensitivities can do our great nation no good. We may have massive military might, but we cannot fight a global war on terrorism alone. We need the cooperation and friendship of our time-honored allies as well as the newer found friends whom we can attract with our wealth. Our awesome military machine will do us little good if we suffer another devastating attack on our homeland which severely damages our economy. Our military manpower is already stretched thin and we will need the augmenting support of those nations who can supply troop strength, not just sign letters cheering us on."

Posted 03/10/2003 07:48PM #1
Too bad there aren't more like Senator Byrd. He is one of a vanishing breed. The Senate and the House could both use an infusion of conscience, and a good deal less blind obedience to towing the party line. Should it be so idealistic to expect our elected leaders to exhibit personal backbone and integrity? Seems like that ought to be the rule rather than the exception...
Posted 03/11/2003 03:02AM #2
I saw his speeach on cspan. Very articulate man, Sen. Byrd. Except he is such a demogogue, IMO