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Started by AstroMart, 12/17/2011 02:05PM
Posted 12/17/2011 02:05PM Opening Post
... if no one will moderate it for political posts it will be deleted - not turned off for a while - deleted.

Thank you
Posted 12/18/2011 09:46AM #1
Do we not have a moderator here?

I'd like to make a suggestion. Let's have threads that positively speak of God (I'm Christian but you should be welcome if you want to start a thread on Allah, Bhudda, Rama & Shiva & Vishu, the Shinto pantheon, etc...) rather than just negatively on atheists who evidently are limited in what they can write here and evidently no longer have their "Non-Religion" forum....

Mark Costello
Matthews, NC, USA

"I hear you're mechanically inclined. Did you ever do anything with perpetual motion?"

"Yeah, I nearly had it a couple of times."