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Nikon D50/70 vs Canon 20D

Started by Merino, 09/18/2005 10:22PM
Posted 09/18/2005 10:22PM Opening Post
Am in the market for a new DSLR and need a little input from the community on whether the Nikon D50 or 70 is a better buy for astrophoto than the standard Canon 20D (not the 20Da).

Any info or a link to images taken by each camera would be appreciated.

Thx and clear skies (cause mine s%#k)

Posted 09/26/2005 06:56AM #1
To get really nice astro shots, you'll want to modify either DSLR (D70 or 20D). Alternatively, you could also wait for the highly-anticipated 10.4 MP Nikon D200 which will be out in November 2005. Here are some example astro shots with a Nikon D70: - Horsehead Nebula - M31 Andromeda Galaxy - California Nebula - Comet Machholz & M45 - Flaming Star Nebula - Running Dog Nebula - M45 Pleiades - M42 Orion Nebula - N American Nebula - Milky Way - M20 Trifid Nebula - Full Moon - Half Moon - Lunar Eclipse - Earth & Grand Canyon



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